Wedding Flowers

Our business is about designing wonderful weddings and celebrations. For more than 25 years we were fortunate to help many brides, in creating an unforgettable day with wedding flowers ranging from centrepieces, bridal bouquets to any other required floral décor.
Your wedding day is a personal statement of your style to your family and friends, it expresses the interests and desires of the bride and her fiancé and we will help you make the planning of your floral décor an exciting and smooth journey

Pretoria Greek orthodox Church Candelier Orchids installation by Franz Grabe Flowers

Classic Contemporary

Winter Wedding

Bold flower table centre piece in silver containers and silver candelabra by Franz Grabe Flowers

Wedding Table Centre Pieces

Your wedding must have a consistent style from the first thing your guests see to the last when they leave and the key to all wedding flowers with the table centrepieces. It is a creative interaction between the bride and us from the very first consultation They set the tone for the rest of the celebration. Designing these centrepieces takes much more care than just doing a generic arrangement on a stand, vase or candelabra. They portray the complete visual image of the bride’s vision for the floral décor. The flowers for the tables even need to link up with the ceremony flowers, bride’s bouquet, flower crowns and posies for the bride’s maids. You get it right with the centrepieces … you have cracked the secret to the complete picture.

Orchids at Summerplace

Rand Club Wedding classic flower installation in vase by Franz Grabe Flowers

Wedding Flower Detail

After you set a wedding date, the excitement and enthusiasm are sometimes overwhelming for the couple. We guide you through all the pitfalls and mistakes you could make concerning details for flowers on tables, main tables or any other floral décor. It is very easy to overcrowd the guest tables with too many small tokens of appreciation. We have designed many tables, and we know what and when is enough.

We will point out important focus elements, starting with the table centrepieces and running through to the confetti baskets, hand posies, bridal bouquets and floral installations

Beauty and elegance are our guidelines in deciding detail like tablecloths, napkins, crockery, cutlery and glassware.

Choosing your flower décor for a Wedding

When designing your floral requirements and focus décor we make sure that you choose appropriate focus elements. Your choices should always support your budget. Floral installations are unique pieces of art and theme representatives, but you do not always need them. You might need more effective and smaller focus elements at the reception and ceremony. Flowers walls are magnificent but costly and we can create and suggest other great photo opportunities that will suit your budget and theme perfectly. As discussed earlier on, your key to success lies with the design of the centrepieces, that forms the basis of your whole theme and we build the whole visual experience from there through to the main table, bride’s bouquet, flower crowns and another floral décor – all a theme of delight and aesthetic harmony (and Affordable)

Saxon Wedding Modern Flower installation by Franz Grabe Flowers

Delaire Graff

Vicky Crease Wedding Katy's Palace glamorous forest setting by Franz Grabe Flowers

Wedding Texture and Palettes

In retrospect, when asked, you might remember the wedding’s flowers as pink or yellow.
Creating the pink or yellow memory for guests takes much more care than only choosing a colour. If you look closely at a pink painting you would find at close inspection a million shades of pink – and that makes up the palette of the artwork and the same is necessary with a table centrepiece. The different shades of the colour palette are supported by the different textures and we are there to guide the couple and establish the palette running through all the flower décor, whether it is a ceremony, flower installations, flower walls or bridal and retinue bouquets – the colour palette presents itself in different combinations and places in the event and venue and it sets the ambience for a perfect day.

As we discovered different shades in the painting, we also saw an array of different textures. These variations should be in all the bouquets, centrepieces, flower installations and other wedding flowers. The texture is as important as the colour palette. We are experts in putting together colour and texture palettes and designing your dream wedding and floral needs

Timeless Appeal

Bridal bouquet with roses and orchids

Bridal Bouquets

A bride might have a dream wedding gown and wedding bouquet in mind, but the bride’s bouquet she dreamed about might not be suitable for her gown, figure height or veil. Your bouquet is an accessory and we have created many happy brides over so many years with the style and choice of her bouquet. They all thanked us afterwards if we convinced them to follow the advice, the same for the posies of the flower girls and bride’s maids. The retinue flowers are equally important as the table centrepieces, ceremony flowers or any other flower décor.

Remember you have only the photographs for the rest of your life and you do not want to remember that special day with inappropriate posies held by the retinue in front of a flower wall with clashing colours. A regret for forever.

Wedding Flowers - Pretty in Pink

Dramatic Celebration

Glamorous Bush Wedding

Choosing the correct venue is as important as all the other choices you make for your ideal wedding. To compete with nature is virtually impossible. Getting married in the bush or game reserve does not always mean the obvious choice when it comes to choosing your table centrepieces and other floral décor. Muted colours tends to disappear and loose impact in a setting like the bush.

A bush wedding can be the ideal opportunity to create contrast between the setting and the flower décor. Choose bold and vibrant colours to make your table décor really stand out against the natural environment of the bush. With this kind of wedding, the choice of the correct lighting is of the utmost importance to create ambience and a truly romantic evening.