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Franz Grabe Flower Couture offers flower delivery in Johannesburg to most suburbs.  Same day flower delivery only applies to orders placed before 10:00 AM.

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Flower Delivery process

Our company doesn’t make use of any courier or postal services for flower delivery in Johannesburg but by our own well-trained delivery staff. The delivery and packing of flowers are very important to ensure safe transportation. The process runs from the production table to safe packing, to delivery vehicle, to your doorstep. Our delivery service can outshine the best delivery and transport service in Johannesburg.

All our hand deliveries are executed according to Covid-19 regulations.

Flower deliveries with oasis and glass containers

Delivery of glass containers with water.
The packing of any glass container containing water is done in such a way that the container arrives clean, clear, and with all the water still inside. The shape and form of arrangements in glass containers should be in co-ordinance with the transportation requirements. Arrangements are all designed with the delivery procedure in mind. This is of the utmost importance, as we take responsibility for delivering your arrangement in perfect condition.

Delivery of Hat Boxes.
To avoid any watermarks on the hat boxes we pack the arrangement and the box container separately and assemble it at its final destination again. Our delivery staff are not only trained to transport the arrangements perfectly but are also capable of reassembling the arrangement to your doorstep.

Delivery of Event flowers in oasis
The arrangements for events and special occasions range from silver, glass, and ceramics. The arrangements are usually done in the oasis and therefore the transportation requirements are completely different to hat boxes or glass containers with water. With events and special occasions, there are many containers with arrangements that need to be packed for delivery. Our large delivery vehicle is fitted with specialized shelves and attachments to ensure all flower displays arrive safely and intact. I am sure that it is clear to everybody that we offer an extensive delivery service as well as a collection option for any event, special occasion or function.

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