Flowers for Events

Product Launch

Any product launch is of the utmost importance to the client. It is the first introduction of the product to the public and even more important to the press.
These events demand a different angle than normal floral décor. It is usually a cocktail event and the nature of the function lends itself more towards flower installations, suspension and photo opportunities like flower walls, mass display of containers with flowers and seating like thrones, chairs and sofas. The photo opportunity is part of the product introduction to the public and press, and the photo opportunity needs to display a novelty visual experience.

It is of the utmost importance that the floral décor does not overshadow the product. It should only enhance and support. It needs to create the mood in the venue, and even though it is in a supporting role, should most certainly be talked about, and be out to impress.

Often the client insists on the product been displayed in between the flowers. This must never be forced or contrived and most of the time the client needs to be guided concerning this matter.
Relationship between product and floral décor is of the utmost importance and should always be complimentary to each other.

The photo opportunity is the image of the product and the flowers, reaching all over the world with social media

Mont Blanc Corporate Function Store Opening with Hydrangea by Franz Grabe Flowers

Bill Gates


Bill Gates Patrice Motsepe Corporate Event, Yellow Roses, Hydrangea Table Decor Centre Piece by Franz Grabe Flowers

Image and Gala Dinners

Any corporate event is directly linked to the image of the company, and we have to translate that into a table centre piece or floral installation. No client or company wants to put forward floral decor that has been seen at other corporate events. It needs to be unique, a conversation piece and representative of the corporate image. We have 25 years of experience in creating the bridge between the two poles, with creative and expansive thinking and execution.

The table centre pieces for a gala dinner are the key to any corporate event. These corporate events are challenging the guests around the table to link up the floral display with the corporate image. It needs to be authentic and easy on the eye – bold in concept, yet harmonious in presentation.

It is popular with companies to have photo opportunities and request floral installations or flower walls – never losing the corporate image.

Zebra square paper dress installation laser cut butterflies by Franz Grabe Flowers

Unexpected Elements

As a floral decorator you should understand the complete picture of a corporate event and not presume your table centre piece, flower installation and photo opportunity are going to be the only décor and corporate presentation. You need to familiarise yourself with the corporate branding, lay out of the venue, lounge pockets, lighting plan, band, dance floor and many other elements the client plans for the event.

Without integration and presentation and communication you are lost and will definitely not live up to the expectation.

Client is not always right

A floral decorator should own his/her self-worth and trust your ability to visualise the end result.

Some clients have a clear idea of what they want, and when it corresponds with your vision for the event – what a pleasure. But if you do not agree, you need to explain your vision and not be afraid to oppose their ideas. You have to be confident due to your experience as a creator of floral installations and décor. Clients are usually available for different ideas, as they work mostly in a corporate environment and are not used to creative expression. The end product is your responsibility and only if you know the end result will be spectacular. The client needs to take full responsibility if they choose not to take your advice.

Corporate colours are always in demand. It could break an event because it becomes visually challenging, it can become as bad, or even worse than excessive branding.

Pandora Product Launch installation with roses, carnations, chrysanthemum by Franz Grabe Flowers
Lux Product Launch display boxes with roses, carnations, chrysanthemum by Franz Grabe Flowers

Problem with Corporate Colours

Many companies and clients are following the obvious route with gala dinners and product launches: everything needs to be in their corporate colours.

We are here to guide you through that problem, step by step.

If your corporate colours are for instance the unfortunate combination of red and yellow, we will show you how to use mainly one of the colours in your table centre pieces or floral installations. One colour is enough connection between the company and the floral décor.

The yellow could appear maybe in small quantities with napkin detail, menus or other innovative ideas.

Insisting on obvious corporate colours is not always a wise choice for floral décor, it could become a one dimensional and dated way of representing the company. Therefor we have a sample day where you can view the end result.

zebra square vases covered with paper silver leaf, foliage installation by franz Grabe Flowers

Importance of Samples

Two people can be at the same event and explain the flower installation at the entrance completely different. A table centre piece in two minds could be chalk and cheese, therefore we always offer an opportunity for viewing samples. This is the moment to see exactly why we designed the specific look for your company. This is also the time for chop and change till all the parties are happy. No photograph can show you the reality of a cocktail table arrangement or the containers used for a floral installation. When you stand next to your sample you face the reality of your and the florist’s choice.