About Us

“We create today, tomorrow we start from nothing. That’s the process. And our success.”

Parallel reality, completely different though as intense – a vision that drives this creative team. Always looking at new trends, always reinterpreting them and thus conceptualizing their own unique style. “Disposable art” as they call their work, momentarily beautiful, fleeting, and then gone.”

Creative consistency ensures continuing media coverage, their creations regularly featured on covers and in pages of the country’s leading lifestyle and fashion magazines.

Described as “perfect and innovative beyond anything ever seen”, this happening elevated Franz Gräbe Flower Couture onto a new level of creativity, and fashion into a short-lived but everlasting memory of breathtaking beauty.

Oprah Winfrey

Franz Gräbe Flower Couture was appointed by acclaimed Los Angeles based events coordinator, Colin Cowie to supply flowers for Ms. Oprah Winfrey’s private South African visit as well as the launch of her Leadership Academy for Girls.


SA Fashion Week

Their Möet & Chandon collection, created for South African Fashion Week was a world first that changed the way we view fashion: a complete couture range made entirely from flowers, sticks and leaves. The visionary way in which this show transcribed nature into art, turned it into a groundbreaking international event.

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